still working on sorting out my theme - this is a constant work of progress
scattered memories
kenie || 24 || a magical unicorn who poops feels

really into teen wolf

offically lost in the glorious rabbit hole that is rooster teeth and achievement hunter shows

never going to stop getting emotional about roxas

**MULTI-FANDOM and NOT ALWAYS SPOILER FREE blog. I do tag the things I post.**


Also attempted a Rosto

iscribble is hard i can’t move things around once I’ve drawn them :ccc


all the cool cartoons have a senseless character cluster of an illustration, so here’s one for the achievement hunters’ minecraft lets play series!

please open it in a new tab to view fullsize!

congratulations on your face; congratulations for existing.

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Sister’s general text and notification tone is Ray saying “Lllllllet’s Play!”

We’re at the docotr’s office and it went off while she was checking in. Lols were had by us and the receptionist.

i just realized that i probably won’t be okay when stan lee eventually dies

or when nimoy dies

or a few other celebrities