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scattered memories
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never going to stop getting emotional about roxas

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over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. photos by michal karckz

then we learned, this was not gonna stop.
this was just the beginning.
↠ Aug 2013 - Jan 2025

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"Who’s Braeden?"
    "She’s a mercenary."

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I get a lot of hand-me-down electronics from my mom. When she upgraded to a Kindle Fire, she sent me her Nook Tablet.

Now she’s got a Kindle Fire HDX or something and she’s giving me her Kindle Fire.

She did the same thing with digital cameras - I got her original one when she got an upgrade (to a FujiFilm camera that’s still really good for how old it is), and she gave me that one when she got her AWESOME, super spendy camera.

I’m very lucky for everything my parents do for me and give to me. And sometimes it hits me and I end up crying in the breakroom at work.


Now, Now - Wolf

i would kill to be the cold
tracing your body and shaking your bones
but i can’t sleep at night
i can’t sleep at night 

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