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Mary Ann Monroe, 19, Activist Demon, College Student

Mary Ann has never been human. She was born into the shape of a human child, but she’s never been human. She’s always been other, though she was raised by human parents. Her parents have never lied to her about what she is - the child they made a demon deal to have. 

She wants humans and demons to be non-enemies. She knows not to hope for peace, but she’d settle for non-violent coexistence. She passes as human to anyone that doesn’t read her aura directly or see the true forms of things, and often finds herself hiding under that mask because it’s easier. She hates it though, whenever she realizes that she’s doing it, whenever there’s anti-demon sentiment around her. 

Mary Ann knows that the outspoken portion of demons, the ones seen on the news and talked about by most people, aren’t good beings. They’re not. And while not all demons are like the ones most often seen, they’re loud enough and known enough that Mary Ann feels like she can’t really do much to speak out against them. “Not all demons are like that” doesn’t come off very well. 

In high school, Mary Ann was a cheerleader, bright and sunny. She is not quick to anger, and in fact has a very long fuse, and her ultimate goal in life waffles between being an elementary school science teacher or a children’s librarian. 

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