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Dane Vincent, 40-ish, Mechanic, Father

Dane is, first and foremost, a family man. The people in his inner circle are his family, the people he cares about most and will do anything to protect. He’s been arrested a few times for protecting his family in some… creative ways.

Dane has a sister, Annie (Annette), and a daughter, Sophia, who is 16. Sophia’s mother has not been a part of Sophia’s life since the girl was three, and Sophia does not miss her. Sophia gets away with more than she probably should, but she is daddy’s little girl and his only child so it’s one of those things that was kind of bound to happen. 

He owns his own auto shop, and he’s one of the better mechanics in town. Dane likes cars, likes fixing things in general, and he enjoys his job and the crew he works with.

Sophia is one of his top priorities, and her happiness and well being is very important. When she gets dumped by a stupid teenage boy that doesn’t get want to respect her boundaries, Dane comforts her with ice cream and chick flicks and dorky dancing parties that never fail to make him feel ridiculous even as they make Sophia smile. 

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