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Persephone, 21, Traveler

Born across the Hedge in faerie lands, Persephone is a free roaming fae drawn to humans. They’re fascinating to her, with their general disbelief in her entire existence and all of their technology. It’s magic in its own way, everything that humans have managed to do with electronics and the like. 

Trees look different in human lands, the earth smells and feels different, and Persephone is intent on seeing as much of it as she can. Humans are strange, but no stranger to her than the myriad of different types of fae across the Hedge. Because of her nature (she’s got plant based magics), the land and trees of any place she visits tends to be a little greener, a little healthier when she moves on.

She likes to meet new people, and is a bit of a con artist to fit in with the humans of any area she goes - talking them into feeding her and housing her for the brief periods she settles in a place. She’s constantly on the move. 

Persephone does have wings but rarely shows them to people, preferring to do what she can to fit in as she moves from town to town; human’s aren’t exactly great when it comes to accepting new things, she’s discovered, and it really is for her benefit to fit in. 

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